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Explore the core themes the summit will focus on


Leadership, empowerment, and growth

  • Technology and Innovation
  • Data sovereignty
  • Digital equity
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • ESG - An indigenous perspective
  • Sustainable finance
  • Equity in decision making over and above finance
  • Governance, preparing for your seat at the table
  • Governance and institution building


Indigenous culture, preservation, and innovation

  • Indigenous knowledge and intellectual property
  • Tourism and cultural heritage
  • Recognition of culture of indigenous knowledge
  • Ancestral planning, navigation, growth (Matariki / Maramataka)
  • Story telling – in print, documentaries, movies, songs
  • Protection of providence – knowledge and artefacts (QR codes)
  • Central Government (Federal)
  • Local Government (State)
  • Reconciliation Action Plan


Global collaboration and partnership

  • Community building
  • Building Indigenous Economies
  • Major projects
  • Contribution to self determination
  • Equitable participation
  • Uplifting of indigenous business
  • Supply nation – power of procurement
  • Creating the circular indigenous economy